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This online credit report service, give you a 7 day free trial period.They tell you that you can call any time before the trial period is up to cancel.

That is what i did. I cancelled my free trial on Aug 13, 2014 before the deadline of August 17th. And this morning I find I was charged $29.95 for a membership I never asked for. So I got on the phone and spoke to SEVERAL people about getting refunded.

I was able to pick up on the lies and deception and I told them so. They gave me a false phone number to call their billing department. Every person i spoke to was a liar and we were going around in circles not going anywhere. Finally a "higher ranked" person tells me that he can hep me by putting a "rush" request for a refund.

Then, I was informed to wait for an email on Thursday about their "decision". I told him that i don't believe him and he said "then we have nothing more to say to each other". Something tells me I am not getting refunded. They don't care.

I've been scammed. This charge of theirs made me overdraw my bank account, which is infuriating and I shared that with them. Then they have the nerve to tell me i should get overdraft protection and talk to my bank! Like it's my bank's fault.

***! Someone has to close these people down. Now I see what bad reviews they have online. I should have read these reviews first.

But alas, it not only cost me over 50$ (bank fees too), but a lot of precious time as well! An expensive mistake!

I'm in tears.

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We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

We look forward to assisting you.

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